Myspace Animated

Tired of the old static everything is boring myspace profile? Now you can animate your myspace profile and bring it to life. You can also use the animated Myspace text and animated images on Friendster, Hi5, Live Journal, Xanga, blogs or websites.

Space Pimping
This website has a free myspace animated text generator. They also have a glitter text generator that is very quick and easy to use. So go on and get creative and send a personal message to someone using the animated text generator.

Animation Buddy
has thousands of animations to use in your myspace profile, Xanga site and blogs. Over 380 categories of animated images from Animals to People and everything in between. They also have a word generator to create your own animations.
Monkey Glass Text Piglet Tech Animation

Myspace Codes
a fun website with four pages of bright and flashy animated images. You can use these on a variety of social networking sites.
Hello Kitty Pimpin Images Car Animated Animated Dolls

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