Myspace Backgrounds

Is your myspace profile lame? Get rid of that boring default background and change your myspace background to one of these cool premade free myspace layouts. Not only do thee sites provide the background images, but they also provide the background image Myspace codes. You can also use your Myspace background images on Friendster, Neopets, Live Journal, Xanga, blogs or websites.

Free Myspace Backgrounds
This website has free backgrounds that are more unique than most sites and they feature a category layout so it´s easy to find what you´re looking for. Samples of free backgrounds on their site are below. Click on the link above to go to their website.
butterfly computer emo images Metal

My Mack Space
MMS has over 5000 mmmm-mmmm-tasty backgrounds for you to choose from. The site layout is by numbers so if you don't mind wading through the backgrounds there are many unique gems there. Just click on the web site link above to go to their site.
Glitter Pink Flame Jelly Bean Pirates

Backgrounds Archive
BA has lots of great graphics and pictures on their site. This website is community based. Click on the link above to go to their site.
Celebrity Anime Images Icon Images Stained Glass

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