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The default myspace layout is very plain. If you want to be popular and impress your friends on myspace you'll need to customize the layout to suit your personal style. Although Myspace does not provide a layout generator you can find tons of innovative people who have developed myspace layouts.

There are lots of free myspace layouts available on the internet. Just go to Google and type in myspace layouts and you will come up with 4 million sites. you can cut and paste right into your myspace profile without any html coding. To install a new layout into your myspace profile find the layout you'd like. Copy the code by highlighting the layout code with your mouse, right click and choose copy, then paste that layout code into your myspace profile in the about me box.There are buttons to preview section or preview profile so you can see how the layout looks. If you don't like it just delete the code and start over. If you like it just save it and it becomes your new myspace layout.

Free Web Layouts
2692 pre-made Myspace Layouts of great images for your myspace layout. This is the place to go if your looking for celebrity images, actors, artists and band layots for myspace or other social networking sites.
Eva Longoria Naruto Layout Britney Spears Celebrities Pamela Anderson Layout

Hot Free Layouts
a site that lives by it's name with over 8000 hot myspace layouts. With 2049 general layouts and feature categories of music layouts, girls, sports layouts, animated layouts, car layouts and many more.
Night Sky Animated Car Layouts Stripe Layouts

Layout Fix
tons of great layouts to jazz up your mayspace layout. If you are looking for celebrity layouts, music layouts, hot car layouts or clothing brand label layouts this is the site that has them all.
50 Cent Dexters Lab Johhny Depp Paris Hilton

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