Myspace Video Codes

You can add hot new videos to myspace MySpace, Xanga, Hi5, Piczo or Friendster with video codes. You can use the codes on your site to post the video of your choice. Add a music video, funny videos or crazy videos.

Hot Get
This website has a very easy system for viewing videos, downloading YouTube videos and picking out video code. Some of the video codes have an auto start feature. With over 59 thousand video codes you should not get bored on this site. With any easy cut and paste system you can easily add video to your myspace, friendster, livejournal and other accounts.

Video Codes World
has over 10,000 video codes for you to choose from. They have a alphabetical search feature so you can find the video code by artist. You can use them on your blog, Xanga account, Friendster account or with your Myspace profile. Just copy their free HTML video code and put it where you want it.

Myspace Tool Box
has lots of great video codes on their site. This website has a search box to search by artist feature as well as an alphabetical list. Just cut and paste the music video code into your myspace profile and voila! you have great video.

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