Myspace Proxy Servers

Myspace Access Denied?

Looking for a way to visit blocked site at school or work?

FREE web based anonymous proxy sites that allow you to unblock myspace, hi5, xanga, friendster, ebay and other sites through an anonymous proxy. You can visit sites that are blocked by firewall from your company, or your school with these proxy sites. Yes, your friends and co-workers may be jealous, just don't let the I.T. guy know.

Things To Know
A proxy server lets users anonymously connect to the internet and browse websites acting as the proxy computer. It makes the websites the user visits think that the computer acting as the proxy server is browsing the website. A user connects to the proxy server and requests a website. The proxy connects this resource either by cache or directly downloading the file. There are also CGI proxy servers so if the main proxy server does not work try the CGI proxy server.

Be Aware
When you use a web based proxy server the owner of that proxy server can store, manipulate or share your requests with 3rd parties. The website output can be altered to prevent scripts from running which can preserve the security of the user. Always read and understand the Disclaimer and Terms Of Service. We do not imply an endorsment. Use at your own risk!

    Proxy Server Directory

  • The Proxy Free
    is a FREE web based anonymous proxy service that allows you to visit websites through an anonymous proxy so that you can go to sites that are blocked by your company, school, university, or Internet Provider. New functions include https connections (ie, MySpace, Gmail, etc.....)
  • Avoid R
    browse myspace and other blocked sites at work, home or school! They claim safe, free, reliable and compatible with myspace! Avoidr says they won't share your information such as logins and such.
  • Proxy Browsing
    offers an easy way to bypass filters and view your favorite website.
  • Internet Cloak
    offers you web freedom, browse all of your favorite sites with their fast proxy anonymizer. Their ip cloaking site helps keep you safe and protect your browser from internet threats. All web pages are processed on their dedicated proxy server so you know you are getting the most effective proxy website service.
  • Geek Proxy
    offers to solve all your browsing problems. Don't let web filters or firewall software block you, their fast php based proxy will keep you anonymous and safe behind their proxy website. Their web proxy lets you surf all your favorite websites like Myspace, Bebo and Facebook.

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